Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zoho Writer: Word Processing Tool

I have been trying to publish my scribblings by posting to my blog as instructed, but it would not recognise my logon or password, then when it did access my blog it still would not publish so not sure what I was doing wrong. Have copied and pasted instead, minus the smiley faces which did not come across with the text.
Well here I am in Zoho Writer. It was very easy signing up to this online tool but did take awhile to load (have slow internet access), but now I am here it looks very easy to use. The icons are well laid out and the program appears to be very user friendly. Could be a very useful tool for a school writing group who have to work collaboratively.
The one problem I have found is there is no down bar on side or across bar at bottom for scrolling across and down the page.
Love the smiley face icons. Very Cool!!

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Simple Simon said...

Have just peeked into your Blog for the first time in weeks. When you say that you had trouble posting the exercise to your Blog I think that you may have been amking the same mistake that I made initially. I was entering my full email address and consequently it didn't work. I rumbled where I went wrong the next day when I tried using my Blogger name, in my case "Simple Simon." Well at least I think that is what I did, it's so long ago since I did the Ex. All I know is that I have made use of Zoho Writer since learning about it on the Training Programme for some translation work that I have been doing for friends in Europe. I like the layout of the site, it is a pleasure to use and I can email it form there quite easily.