Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Last Post

Well the original dead line has long gone and today is the final day for this to be completed. I feel like I have been sprinting towards the end.....
A BIG Thank You very much to the web team for letting me persevere with the programme.
I am very glad that I have continued as I have learned so much and it is reassuring to know that this old dog can learn new tricks.
I have enjoyed most of the 23 Things that I have learned about.
Flikr, Wikis, Image Generators, Library Thing, You Tube (must get broadband!!!) and Podcasts will be revisited.
Not so keen on RSS feeds and new readers, and it took me awhile to click onto what technorati was about, though I now understand what the tags are for and will no doubt find using them handy in the future.
I am sure that the applications we have learned about will be beneficial for us in our jobs in the library and I applaud the library for giving us the opportunity to discover these tools. My one little niggle is that we were not all given a chance to do some of the exercises at work. All of this has been done at home on my dialup access computer which has lead to some frustration along the way.
Finally I am very grateful that I have been able to create a blog in a positive environment, where I have been able to read about other peoples experiences along the way. I think that the quality and content of my fellow library web travellers blogs is absolutely FABULOUS, so a big Bouquet of thanks to all the inspirational blogs out there.


Simple Simon said...

WELL DONE ALICE! I have been following your progress with interest as you may have gathered by now. It pleases me no end to see you reach the last Exercise and your final comments are worthy of commendation, especially with regards to having to do the Learning Session from home with little or no support from the workplace. I could go further, but perhaps this is not the place.......

Aunty of 3 said...

What a lovely last post ! Congratulations on getting to the end and sharing your journey with us all along the way..

NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

We are so glad you persevered, especially as you have done most of it via dial up! Congratulations of a wonderful blog.