Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been listening to National Radio's radio replay of interviews not subject to copyright restrictions, done by the Nine to Noon presenter, and Kim Hill for quite some time, so was interested to see what was on offer from the podcast directories. for those who are interested in listening to National radio programmes.

I looked at podcastpickle, podcastalley and the yahoo audio search.
I liked the yahoo audio search best as it was very clear, and easy to follow and search on.
I did a "library" search in all three directories and found that alot of the material was quite irrelevant. I think a good sense of humour goes along way when searching for material via these directories as there is alot of weird and wonderful (and not so wonderful) material out there.

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Simple Simon said...

Well Alice, I am still keeping an eye on your progress and I think that someone needs to praise your efforts. Of all the participants that have applied for an extension, only a few seem to be making a serious effort and of those few, well you are streets ahead after a quick look at the Progress Charts. I do think that you will deserve your reward and if you don't get it, then I will want to know why! Just think, only four more Exercises to go and you are there.......