Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Tube: "Non, Je ne regrette rien"

I found you tube frustrating as I could not download videos from home as our internet connection was too slow and it took a very, very long time to play the video clips. In the library it was very easy to look at a multitude of clips, but I was very conscience of the fact that I had very limited time to do this exercise.
I can see why people love accessing you tube in the library as it eliminates the frustations experienced when using dial up internet access.


Simple Simon said...
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Simple Simon said...

Dear Alice, 10 out of 10! What a wonderful clip of the great Edith Piaf. I am intrigued by who the Accompianist is though. Toward the end of her life she married a 28yr old man, Theo Sarapu and they were both ridiculed at the time, but he cared for her in the last years/ months of her life and to my knowledge never maried again. Do a Google search on Theo Sarapu, you may I think be surprised by what you find.
I intend to rush off and do the same just to refresh my memory.

Love from