Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Web 2.0 Awards

And the Winner is.........
I found the number of categories and the sheer number of sites to choose from abit over whelming so went into the short list and as I am a dedicated follower of food and anything of a culinary nature I looked at Im Cooked and Urbanspoon.
As I don't have broad band at home decided to by pass looking at the video recipe sharing site in favour of the restaurant review/maps/menu site.
It is very American, with only Melbourne, Sydney and London listed outside of US/Canadian cities. It is a pity that it did not have a New Zealand city (cities) included.
However having said that, the Melbourne site was very good and I found it easy to find information about restaurants, either by suburb, types of food and price. I also did a search on a restaurant were I deliberately misspelt the name and I was directed to an Alphabetical index where I easily found the restaurant.
The Urbanspoon site could be quite a handy site for information centres to have listed as a search site (Not in New Zealand) for tourists to search on when visiting cities. It could also be that as libraries increase the scope of their services that information like recommending a good restaurant could become a question that is asked, after all we can never really predict the scope and nature of the enquires that will come our way!

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