Sunday, November 23, 2008

Libraries and social networking services

Well it looks as if American libraries have taken the bull by the horns so to speak, judging by the number of libraries that have Myspace profiles orientated towards teens. We could learn alot from these libraries and make good use of the positive aspects of social networks.
When I read Beth Evans article "Your Space and My space" my initial response was Yes, She has made some valid points especially about peer pressure driving youth and that "Investing some time in this new social network can really pay dividends" especially if the users stay loyal to the site.
Libraries do need to connect in a responsive and responsible way with the youth of today, and social networking on the surface appears to be a good way of tapping into that group.
I appreciated The kaleidoscopic world blog, "Libraries get Social" which talks about Libraries having a role in protecting and supporting students on SNS, and teaching teens how to be safe on line.
A Myspace site for our libraries would be a great place for recommending good age appropriate, topical reading material and for generating discussion about the books that are being read and also about films and music and anything else that is of current interest.

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